Friday, October 06, 2006


Did you notice the variations of communication between bloggers ..I did.. there are those wonderful ladies..who write you personal e-mails to thank you and to reply your those well-educated ladies of victorian times..who were writing thank you notes ..sitting at their small.. beautiful.. intricated desks..there are those who write a following note.. at the end of each comment left to their blogs..just to show they noticed and appreciated your visit..there are those who visit the blogs of their commenter.. commenting at the post and saying thank you for the visit.. (there is a nice idiom in turkish for these..I can translate it as the ''return-visit''..which is a must of my country..and there are those who from time to time write a post about how glad they are from the visits and the comments at theirblog..thanking all visitors in general..and there are those who do the one or the other.. randomly.. without any specific pattern..
I understand that this is a reflection of our daily comportment to the virtual life....this also shows of how formal.. how distant.. how reserved.. how eager we respond.. to people we meet in our non-virtual ..real life..and it also relies ..of course.. with the amount of time we have to communicate.. because this is what we do when we start a blog..communicating..we start thinking we are meditating by ourselves.. then some comments are written..and we start to communicate.. I was a lucky one ..because I first started to comment .. and then I made myself a blog.. so it has been interactive even from the first day.. first post.. and for this I am really thankful especialy to Sandy.. who unfortunately is so busy nowadays.. that she doesn't blog .. ( OOh I miss you Sandy.. your short and energetic posts..and beautiful art.. where are you..??)
back to the subject.. time is important..because.. hand-crafting.. choosing and buying the materials needed..finishing the project.. taking pictures.. uploading them.. and writing.. visiting our favorite blogs.. leaving comments.. reading our own comments takes a considerable time already..and there is a real-life we leave.. house-chores.. kids.. professions.. families.. friends..pets..plants.. an ongoing.. always changing but never-ending 'things to-do' list .. in which there are miscellaneous items ..from regular market choosings.. dentist appointments..and against the length of the of the list.. there are still those wonderful persons.. who find.. time to see you.. notice you.. and make you understand..they saw writing to you..when I see those better then perfect.. thank you notes..comments to comments.. I feel ashamed.. suppressed under the generosity of the replier..
I am not the organized - and perfect person.. I would love to be..
Do you remember the novel Rebecca..written by Daphne Du Maurier..and the movie..which I believe is one of the best to demonstrate how A. Hitchcock's unimitably creates a sinister easily ..and the characteres.. Laurence Olivier.. and Joan Fontain.. oh she was fantastic in acting the perfect 'shy' second- wife.. did I get you to the point..well remember now.. the first morning at Mannerly after breakfast..she has to sit at the desk of the late-lady of the house and how the servants are waiting for her to prepare the menu for the dinner .. to choose the sauce and wine to go with it.. how she has to learn the persons to visit.. and notes to be written..the poor new lady of the house being so frightened.. of all the tasks she has to perform.. and everyday.. she must have been totally taken aback.. have you ever thought of the responsability you had to take over accepting a propsal.. any.. marriage.. friendship.. motherhood.. being a parent - when your kids started school.. a new work ..would you still accept if you knew every detail??.. at least in work it goes better.. there is a trial period which saves lots.. for the worker and the boss.. and you can both take it easy when one of you thinks this is not the best position for you.. but.. when you decide to be a mother.. there is no 'I am sorry.. I can't handle.. I quit..'' well not normally.. or being married .. it is a serious change of life style.. and it is not so easy to reverse the position without harm being done..
well I talk too much.. what I try to exprime is that..if we go back to my example..Rebecca.. the late _ lady of the house .. who had overtaken all these activities.. with a steel hand ..I am sure.. and also found time to enjoy.. and would go on like this.. if someone did not decide to execute her.. I said wow to her..what an organized personality.. and I didnot like at all the shy .. timid.. new lady..I am not shy.. nor as social active as Rebecca.. I start to believe that those super women.. he- women.. exist really.. and they don't have servants and housemaids.. therefore take care of the killing .. routine.. time consuming .. house chores.. and as the world is not limited to the people who live at the same town.. thanks to the internet.. they can also contact.. the world .. by touching some keys.. It is not at all that simple.. it is complicated and Iknow I repeat.. time consuming.. process of entering user names..passwords..approval codes..etc..this means they really care.. to show their appreciation.. their empathy.. and have all their own way.. and style..
Me?? I am just a woman.. who wants to try to all the ways.. crafting..parenting..working..going out.. sightseeing..experiencing sharing..good wishing.. goodwilling..and blogging.. too..I read the comments made to my blog.. avidly.. I re-read sometimes.. and I am also a non randomized replier.. if I feel to be public visit your site and leave a public message.. sometimes I choose a more personal message.. and this is the general thank you post.. for all of you who salute me in the webspace.. after all..this post could be as short as.. '' thank you all for your generous comments on my blog and also for your kind replies to my comments..I enjoy being here.. and reading and writing and exchanging process..I am soo happy that you exist.. knowing you are out there.. makes me feel better.. and I wanted you to know this.. enjoy..your life.. '' and have a very nice weekend..

ps.. written on my notebook..for some time.. added end substracted feelings.. and sentences..and posted today.. because I really belive that it is ripe be posted..

photo.. the view from my small week-end cottage's garden .. over the Marmara Sea..


dogfaeriex5 said...

pinar~ sandy is having major issues with her homecomputer, so she is having some down time and is hoping to get it fixed soon...

Britt-Arnhild said...

Dear Pinar. What a beautiful tribute the all the great bloging peolple out there. The world of blogging is a wonderful world, and I am happy to be part of it.

Dawn said...

Pinar, I have a feeling you came to my blog because of something you saw on Art Dog's Life...regardless of how you came to me, thank you for the visit. I love this many wonderful people have been met just because they read my blog, or I read theirs. I am a very old fashioned girl, so at first, I really didn't care for the world wide web. But now that I have encountered so many wonderful, creative women, I am so excited to have this resource at my fingertips. Thank you for your post and for your visit. Both are greatly appreciated.

One Crabapple said...

ohhhhhhhh MANDERLY !
...and the book Rebecca.

YOu definitely hit a note with me here.
I love this book.

As a matter of fact !
this is the perfect time of year to watch this movie or read this book.

And you are so right !
The old black and white movie with Laurence O. and Joan Fontaine !
so great !

BTW - I did not realize it was HITCHCOCK ! thankyou!

I always contemplated the part of the duty she felt that was at hand over writing the letters and sitting at the desk.

It was quite the Lady's Occupation wasn't it ?

And you think we are at our modern version in a way here blogging ?

I think you are right and I had not realized that I too had this scene / character of Rebecca in the back of my mind this whole time .... etiquette !

I tell you I feel SO guilty to not be able to write to everyone that stops by and that I do not have more time to share with people and take a look at what is going on with thier blogs. I feel like I am a mess right now !

Anyway, I will put it all to rights soon.

And in the meantime...I am going to find that B&W version of Rebecca and watch it again soon with some movie treats (tea and sandwiches and sweets) in a dark quiet house HOPEFULLY with some rain tick tocking on the roof. Oh it sounds divine.

Why don't you live closer !?

One Crabapple said...

ps. I love the cottage by the sea ! how wonderful for you !!! lovely photo you have posted here.

Jenny Holiday said...

What an incredible lady you are!! What lovely words and insight. I am quite new to blogging myself....I had been lurking for about a year...and decided a few weeks ago to create my own blog. It actually amazes me to see the different sides of myself! Blogging has made me realize that people can not be put into exact categories or be considered certain "types". I can go down the list of my favorite daily reads...all are so may not have the same interests as the other..but for myself there is a common thread ...something that makes me comfortable with each persons words, interests, collections, and overall life! I love knowing that!

Knowing that these wonderful lives are put out there for others to share in, is such an incredible thing..I now cannot imagine my own life without blogs! Thank you so so much for today's post! I truly look forward to visiting daily!!

one crabapple said it best.... "Why can't you live closer?"!!

xoxo Jenny

Cat said...

Very well put. I'm not the best on social graces... tend to get by on a wing and a prayer instead of organized planning.
Smiles to you! Cat

Annabelle said...

I love spending time with my family but I must confess I truly love blogging as well. I’m not quite certain why that is. There are a number of reasons I suppose. I love writing and keeping a journal. I love how each blogger can write so differently and all the interests and talents they possess. How there is a multitude of people out there that share in the same loves that I do; and of course snooping in on their homes, collections and sharing of ideas, crafts and cooking to say least of the offerings thrown at you. Then there is also the chance for one to connect with someone who lives somewhere far from you making it all the more intriguing; especially if you connect with an individual who happens to live in your place of birth or a place that you have always longed to visit or live in. The internet has made this all happen and I’m fortunate and glad that I have been able to experience all of this. It’s the closest thing to traveling without the extreme expense.I love to blog.

P.S.I too love the cottage by the romantic!


jessica said...

hello is a quiet morning and today i turn to the blogs. i always look forward to takes me away, in a very nice way. you are a comfort. what a lovely view you posted. having been in turkey recently and did go to bodrum and yalikavak i can appreciate it. thank you for your thoughts and stories.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...


You have captured what many of us feel and think in your post here today.

I use to write to each person who commented on my blog, and then I would go to their blog and read it and leave a comment too. After a few months of this I realized i was living on the computer, everything around me was laying by the wayside and growing in big piles with tags on them, "TO DO LIST!!"

I try to thank people for leaving a comment by visitng their blog or writing a note. I do not do it everyday, though I wish I could...but I also wish for more hours in the day....

Thank you for being a delightful host (blooger,) and guest (commentor!) xx Corey

Naturegirl said...

Pinar blogging was a suggestion made to me by a friend and I had no idea how it would become my time to decompress from daily stresses.Focusing on my photos and composition for a post as we all know is time consuming.Then the fun in viewing other blogsites and commenting becomes just as important. The unexpected thrill comes with people whom you feel a kindred spirit connection to! We all have them and I am thankful for this.This was a good post. Thank you and for visiting my site and leaving your generous comments!

Carol said...

Yep so true Pinar, well said! This is blogging, so much fun on one hand and so much stress on the other. I too am not organised enough to be able to answer to every comment ( I was wondering for month how Corey was able to do this!) to post on all the blogs I've read, to get all my work done, my house chores, shopping, cooking and gardening, crafting and leading a social life etc.. This all is too much sometimes. The PC seems to eat so much of my time, but hey I wouldn't want to miss blogging. It's so wonderful to get to know kindred spirits from all over the world and getting new inspirations and being able to inspire other people and sometimes even finding new true friends. When it all get's too much I just take a little PC break and don't post for a few days, using my time for the non cyber things in life. Well, it's he only way I found to cope with the situation.