Tuesday, October 24, 2006

a wonderful afternoon..in my garden

do you know that breakfast is ''before-coffee'' in turkish.. we had guests for breakfast today .. I love having guests.. they make me feel how I love my house.. my life.. because when I share it with them.. I can see it better.. we had a huge table set in the dining room.. lots of laughters.. and chat.. we were happy to be together.. and then the guests.. took their coffee in the garden.....
my garden is in front of my living room-dining room.. I love it.. because it is an ever changing decor.. that seems to be just an extension of my living place..when I am home.. I open the sliding french doors.. and the curtains.. and this is my luxury.. there is no difference of outside- inside chez moi..
and I love following the changes of the view.. depending on seasons..
so I just made some tidying.. and decor change.. and now that they are gone.. took a few photos..
I enjoy the sepia quality.. it has such a vintage feel.. especially as my garden table and chairs are vintage..
now.. I am sitting alone .. at the deck.. with a glass of wine.. and with my laptop .. I turned on the music I enjoy so much those days.. a slow rock.. from the handsome artist I already mentioned.. and gave the link.. I like his voice.. soft.. as though he murmurs..
and some wonderfull scent is in the air.. and the sun shines softly between the remaining leaves of my pear and quince trees.. I feel so good..
I enjoy.. this afternoon.. all my senses.. do you ??


dogfaeriex5 said...

i love the sepia tones also, very nice!! thank-you for such nice words you leave on my blog...
those cigar rolls sound heavenly!!

One Crabapple said...

I am definitely enjoying your afternoon ! laughing.

How could I NOT enjoy it the way you take me along with you in your description ?

As a matter of fact...More wine please.
Love, S.

ps. beautiful patio and furniture ! I wish I really WAS there !

Cat said...

Oh you pulled me right into your sitting area with you, it is very beautiful and must indeed be relaxing!

Thanks for your visit & comments, blogger has not been working for me this week until now - hope it stays - I missed everyone!

Have a good day. Smiles, Cat

Connie and Rob said...

Such a lovely area to have coffee. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. All the best to you my friend.