Sunday, October 22, 2006


do you remember the cigarette-rolls I did some time ago.. this crisp and hot rolls are wonderful with tea.. or wine.. and easy to prepare .. and easy to store..
we have a feast and vacation.. for three days.. we celebrate starting from monday.. the holy Ramadan feast or the sweet feast as we call it in Turkey.. .. tomorrow I will write about this .. this will be mostly about traditions.. not the religion.... but today..I have preparations to do.. and the kitchen is the most important place for these preparations.. so I did some cigarette rolls.. and as I promessed
Corey for the recipe.... I took also the photos.. for a kitch- instructional post..
the most important part.. is finding filo pastry.. I know these exist in england.. but no idea..about France .. filo sheets.. are hand made and precooked very thin pastries.. they are soft.. as fabric..
then you need eggs.. white fromage.. and lots of parsley..
you blend together the eggs..fromage ( which might be found under the names of feta or greek cheese) and parsley together..

and you cut your pastries in the shape of a triangle.. the base being approximately 20 cm..and the equal sides being 35 cm.. if you find round filo sheets.. you cut them in half..then into six equal parts.. and that will be the best shape..if they are rectangular.. you staudy geometry.. and find the best shape.. when everything is ready.. you take some fromage and put it to the base of one of your triangles..
you bend inwards the two sides of the sheets..
and start to roll from the base.. to the pointed part.. rolling quite tightly..

when you come to the end.. you dip the end ..the pointed part in water.. and finish rolling.. the wet end will stick to the body of the roll.. and will not dis-assemble when put in hot boiling oil..

the final shape is a thin roll.. here is the first one..

when you finish can put them in a box.. and send them to the freezer.. they will be OK for 6 weeks.. if you say I will taste this immediately.. you have to fry them in a deep saucepan.. and in olive-oil.. or sunflower seed oil.. you put them directly in hot sizzling oil.. and fry both sides..until they get a golden colour.. be careful.. at the first bite..the inside is much hotter then the outside.. and be careful too.. because this becomes an addiction quite easily..

hope you may find the ingrediants..and try it..


The Shopping Sherpa said...

Oh yummo!

I guess if you were feeling particularly healthy you could bake them instead after spraying with oil?

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

We do have filo sheets in france. I never thought to make them ahead and freeze them, nor did I know I could fry them....Dinner tonight will be tastier! Thanks for the recipe!!

Connie and Rob said...

Those look so good. I think they would be a danger in my house. That falls in line with chocolate chip cookies for me...They wouldn't stay on the plate with me


Tabasco06 said...

These look great! Awesome recipe and its great that you can freeze them too. As for frying them, i think that sunflower oil is better for frying and its a healthy option as well. I want to try and make this soon for my supper club, thanks

Mrs. Staggs said...

These include many of my favorite ingredients and sound wonderful! I too appreciate the thought that you can freeze them.
Thank you!