Wednesday, October 11, 2006

the answer..the tag..

the guess-what?? game.. looks always simpler than it is.. than it seems to be.. and so was mine..
In fact the pictures of yesterday show the inside...of an accordion..The metal parts of the second picture are inserted in the wooden cage of the first picture.. and placed just at the base of the keys.. and the last photo was the accordion part and wasn't the hand painted wall paper beautiful ?? I know that the pictures don't do justice to the real thing..
I found it at the antique shop.. and it reminded me of my bro-in-law..he plays accordion and enjoys so much that it becomes a contaminating joy.. not only due to the music he makes.. but his expression.. and bady language are so vivid.. that you feel joy listening to his music..and watching at him .. and when I saw this child size shiny gold coloured bakelite accordion..
in perfect condition but not emitting a single note..instead of notes I heard a tickle tickle .. some broken parts??.. I bought it for him.. maybe he would fix it.. even if not..he could use it as a decor in his office.. and he did fix it.. the problem was simpler than it seemed ( this is the difference between guessing and problem solving) .. and these photos were taken during the operation.. now we can enjoy the sound of his music..


I never had an idea..that I was in deep belief..that I was the most normal person on earth..
until I have been

when I read the post..I started to I have any odd behaviour??..or reaction??. I can not find any..
so.. I asked my husband..
-do I have any.. weird property or habit??..
-how .do you mean??..
-well something that you notice in me.. and that you have not met in other persons..
my son answered this question..
-he has married you for your..weird habits mummy.. he cannot see them..
I told him
-so you answer..
well let us think.. you are weird always fight with the past.. the decisions you made .. which were wrong.. but which were in the past.. ( he means analysing the past I hope ) but you don't get angry towards the fact of the moment ..
I said.. I am a doctor.. I have to know the history of the disease..before treating it.. he looked up and said.. that is another weirdness.. you have your insist on them.. and when argued you take it personally..
(this boy is getting worse everyday.. I accept that he has some philosophy.. and he knows to look beyond what is on scene.. but I don't like being the center of his attention?? or interest?? I have to be a powerful parent.. not a humble someone.. )
At this point .. my daughter said.. you quarrel with God.. when the trousers are falling.. =S.. the father and the son looked up at me.. with interest.. fun.. not the way you think.. well I was in a hurry.. trying to get out of the house and go to work on time.. the trousers fell down three times.. four.. from where I hang them.. and of course I asked God nicely.. why my life is so complicated.. and why I am always in a hurry.. with too many things to finish on time.. and that if I could understand this.. I would be less reactive.. a better person..but.. as always.. I could get no answer.. not a visible ot audible one at least.. I am waiting for indirect signs.. when I came out of my room.. I met my daughte who had overheard me ..and she asked me.. to whom were you
I answered God.. do you want anything from me?? I am in a hurry..I have to go out immediately.. she looked.. and replied.. mom.. are you nuts??.. I said no darling.. I am OK..

well .. thank you Cat.. at least .. I learned that my kids and husband think about me.. they think I am a looser and crazy-woman .. and he thinks I am not an interesting person .. an ordinary woman ..well keep will see..

you can believe that I live in a funny home.. full of stand-up show performers..
I am taking notes when I can.. and one day I'll write a post about it.. dialogues from my house..
This tagging was about what you think about yourself..right??.. so here we go..

1-I never let anyone look in my magazines..or books.. before I first read them.. I must be the first to open the pages.. well they don't have anymore this nostalgic ink smell they used to be when I was young.. but I fancy there is..
and if someone.. looks in them before I do.. it is violation of my rights..

2-I always feel cold.. the the car.. but I can work for hours in the garden..even when it is really cold.. I don't notice it.. as soon as I am finished.. I start to freeze..

3-I can't play a single note..on any music instrument.. but I notice the slightest false note or variation.. and I can Tralala..the whole Carmina Burana for example.. when someone is trying to remember the notes of a specific music.. I tralala it.. and they play..

4-I love coats .. I can go out to buy a bread and come back with a coat.. easiest think I buy..can decide in minutes..(this reminds me I owe a pretended coat challenge to Alicia )

5-When I start to buy one kind of object I go on with it.... you know the white angels.. I don't know how it started.. but it will go on for a period.. and then.. It will be for some other object.. mugs for example..or vases.. I have lots of everything.. they belong to periods.. I suddenly get tired of it.. and swich to another object..(blue period..purple period.. white period.. ??)
here are my oddities..I have to tag some others now.. and I tag..
Sandy.. and Colette .. and Corey.. if they would answer..
have a nice day.. enjoy..


Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...


five things odd about me:

-like jam and cheese sandwiches

-Whenever I buy something I give something away.

-I love color, but tend to wear and own muted things.

-Before cooking I set the table.

-I like helping people shop for clothes, but prefer to dress very simply myself.

One Crabapple said...

I beg immunity as I just did this tag on my blog a week or two ago and I think I was the one that tagged the person that tagged Cat !!!

Besides !

I will tell you

There is absolutely nothing WEIRD about me....laughing.

Cat said...

Thanks for playing the weird game! I'll be sure not to come peek at your magazines until you are done! I like coats too and I do not like shoes.

It's good to get you know a little more about you.

One Crabapple said...
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