Tuesday, October 03, 2006

heart warmers..pile of emotions..

every now and then I see ''piles'' in blogs.. piles of books.. of fabrics.. of toys and yarns.. but my pile is special.. this is a gifts' pile.. from different people.. they have one thing in common..and this is emotion..a deep and dear and very special one..
being a rehabilitation doctor means that you have a long-term relation and lots of things to share with your patients.. you start to know each other as your relation improves.. at the beginning it has to be a professional.. formal and distant relation.. they have to accept your treatment..your advice.. and your decisions.. and you have to learn ..aside from their neurological or orthopedics state.. a lot about their charactere.. their life style before the disease or accident or operation.. their aims.. and how stubborn they are.. you also have to try to learn which one will work ..positive motivations??.. negative motivations??.. when they start to get tired.. hopeless.. aggressive.. and denying..
in the end this becomes a partnership.. between two good friends..it is difficult for both sides..for them loosing their independance even for a while.. and to be in need of the help of other people.. for every simple movement of life..
for you .. to be always able to find the right answer.. the one which will motivate positively the patient.. without giving him hopes which may not become true.. and they have and will have lots of questions..
this is a long-term test of your capabilities.. and your patience.. of both of you..
as we get to know each other.. we also start to step into a more familiar relationship.. we buy presents for each other.. we celebrate birthdays.. special days.. I had a patient whose family was living in Athens.. he was an orthodox citizen.. did not have many visitors..and I brought him..once .. a special easter pastry they use to do here..in Istanbul.. I will never forget how he hugged the pastry.. and ate it all day long in small parcels..
and sometimes we have big congratulation parties.. for people who achieve a great improvement.. and sometimes it is them who bring us presents.. when they do so..I always answer them '/'/.. you are my present..what you achieved..is my present.. but I accept this and I feel honoured'/'/..and each time.. opening the package..I am surprised to see ..how well they know me.. my special interests..or my pleasures..
this time I was spoiled again.. gifted.. and I made my pile..of gifts from the heart..
the books are about the turkish-italian relations during history.. diplomatic and cultural relations.. OOh I love history.. and these books are written by him.. he is a doctor in litterature..and this is great historical study of him..
the notebook has a reproduction cover ..string binded.. how do they know??..that I like the good old days.. fine crafted things reflecting the nostalgia of a simpler life..
a soft wool throw.. to warm up my reading..I feel so secure wrapped in throws.. all you have to do is to carress the texture.. to feel better.. within the same package was a scented candle as well..this lady is a designer of home accessories.. and she was so stylish in all the details..the wrapping paper.. the ribbon.. the colour of the wool throw.. and the white candle.. simple and pure white.. and secured in a glass..
I choose my special coffe mug.. with a ''le petit prince'' design on it.. this was given from a patient a few weeks ago.. and goes well with my new pile.. this lady who gave it to me... is a litterature teacher in high school..and we made long conversations about books and the love of reading.. and some novels.. but I don't remember talking about that special book.. I love that book..I always cry when I read it.. and I burst in tears especially at the chapter about the domestication of the fox..
too many messages in such a pile.. and in the details..I know it is silly to light a scented candle in the open air..and in the morning sun.. but when I noticed the saying which was written on the candle.. couldn't wait..it says.. '/'/make a wish'/'/.. and I lit my candle..and made a wish for their well-being..
because I had such an enjoyment of being in my garden..healty.. comfy.. loved.. and I thank them all for making me feel so special.. and for reminding me that life is simple. simple to enjoy every moment. every movement.. every breath.. and every sip.. enjoy you too.. I wish the best for all of you..


dogfaeriesx5 said...

what a beautful post you did! so glad you joined the charm project, you have such a way with words..

ps...since i update to beta blogger i cannot comment the correct way on no-beta blogger blogs, ugh!

MariaJ said...

You have a warm heart....youve really chosen the right occupation. Your gifts are incredible...I'm not sure if its common in Finland (havent ever heard of that) Have to ask Mustafa someday whos a doctor and our good neighbour.

One Crabapple said...

THis was so interesting to read today Pinar. I am thinking about your patients and your PATIENCE ! and how interesting your life and job must be.

Wonderful gifts.

Simple Life.

Not to be taken for granted.
Not for a single minute.

Thank you for the reminder.

Love, S.

Jenny Holiday said...

What a lovely lovely post!! So Sweet! Thank so much for sharing!!
I am loving your blog more and more everyday!!! Thank you!!

ps...I actually had to go and get my favorite french onion soup tonight for dinner...all because of your post yesterday!!!..Do you see how much of an impact you have made?..LOL!

Colette said...

My mother's patients used to send her cards and sweet letters and flowers, and I know she treasured every single one of them.

You asked about transferring images to fabric: I've used gel medium, where you put a layer of gel on the fabric, the the image (printed on deskjet printer) face down and burnish, leave it a couple of minutes, and peel off. However, a simpler way is to get T-shirt transfer paper: it goes in the printer, you print your image, then put it face down on fabric and iron for a minute or so, then peel off the paper.

Britt-Arnhild said...

what a beautiful post Pinar......beautiful gifts, saying most about the reciever - YOU.
Thanks for sharing this with us.

Cat said...

This is both interesting and beautiful to read. Both the gift givers and receivers are blessed. It must be a rewarding profession in many many ways.
Smiles & happiness to you.

Naturegirl said...

You may recieve gifts from your patients but what I am reading YOU are the gift.. a physician with the human compassion of realizing that everyone before you is a gift given by the almighty.A heartwarming post!

caroline said...

What a lovely post - beautiful subject and beautiful gifts.

MariaJ said...

Dear P
My neighbours family is from Iraq. They moved here 5 (?) years ago. I think I've heard that Mustafa said once he can speak some turkish too. His wife is dentist. So our healthcare is okay...haa.

One Crabapple said...

Just a quick note to let you know that my email is still not working AND the bad news came yesterday....I need a new hard drive...so it will be a little while longer before we can email back and forth
and if you have written - I just can't get them yet.

I am not very happy about this !

HOpe you and your family are well.

jessica said...

pinar::a most touching expression you are conveying::your patients are very lucky to have you, and clearly they appreciate you tremendously::a beautiful heart you have.

Connie and Rob said...

I am so glad that you take these gifts and cherish them. When a patient gives a gift to their doctor it is truly from the heart. They are expressing their love and gratitude the only way they know how and it means a great deal to them how you react. This post just magnifies what I already knew about you...You are a very special person.

Take care,

kansasrose said...

This is so lovely to read. Thank you for being a caring person to others.