Friday, October 13, 2006

I can.. can you??

this photo has been taken by my son.. and saved.. on my phone.. under the name..
can you stand against the world.. like this??
told you he has a philosophy..
did you ever read Orhan Pamuk..
one of my favorite writers..
who uses our language in such a beautiful way..
and he has won the Nobel Prize..
what a pride ..
have a nice friday..


MariaJ said...
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Laura said...

Congratulations on your countryman winning the Nobel Prize. I remember hearing about his book Snow and thinking it sounded very interesting. When I heard the news on the car radio on the way to work yesterday I thought of you!!!!!!!

Naturegirl said...

Not so long ago Pamuk faced imprisonment
in his homeland Turkey.. now he is AWARDED NOBLE PRIZE for his literature!He is a champion for the cause of free expression!!!BRAVO!!clap clap!

pinar said...

I beg to differ.. Pamuk was on trial.. not because of his novels.. but because he has made a speech. not about litterature but about a very important and critical subject.. the armenian genocide.. this is not acceptable .. first because this is the historians area .. and second.. this is a conflict..
and now some people who have not even seen this country.. nor know any of the history or what this country has endured during the Balcanique war.. and Kirim war.. and Yemen war and world war ' and the LİBERATİON WAR .. which took place one following the other.. are feeling themselves capable of judging my country..
this is not acceptable.. that is why he I am sure is not as happy as he couls or should.. although I like his novels.. read them all .. have my best.. I know.. that nor he.. nor we will never know if he won this because of political interest.. this Nobel will be a guince in his throat and I try to cheer me up.. saying to myself no.. this is literature award.. so you have to be happy.. that is why.. me .. who always write so long posts .. could not.. and in the journals.. all the news.. were so.. congrats.. but..
I wish you never have to be decide between such important BUT's in your life..
have a nice week end..

One Crabapple said...

I do not know of Orhan Pamuk.
Shame on me !

I love your Son's sense of art here and philosophy. How smart he is ...this is a strong message and it made me sit and stare at it awhile. I felt as small as the pawn...very interesting work !

Thank you Pinar's Most Wise Son.
I see you are an artist too.