Saturday, September 23, 2006

it is raining..autumn coming..

it is raining.. in Istanbul..
it is is torrential.. I'm happy I am home.. the traffic must be awful..I made my tea.. =)and my children's tea is ready too.. with some.. filo sheet pastries.. ( we call them cigarette rolls.. because they are thin and crisp)
and reading my favorite blogs.. afterwards I gonna start to knit again.. remember the pink yarn I have started knitting it.. even finished a piece of it..and I desiged something.. we shall see..
what are doing??


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm coming over there for some tea and yummy snacks.

today, I will work in my garden and bring in the tomatoes. Our days are getting cooler and the toms will just have to ripen in the house.

Hannele said...

It looks delicious, I like raining days, sometimes.

Cat said...

The pastry rolls look very tasty!

And what are you doing with the pink squiggles!?

Dotee said...

Your garden looks beautiful in the rain! And the pastry rolls look delicious.

Look forward to seeing what you make with the luscious pink wool!

It's a cold, rainy day here in Australia too. Good day to be inside creating:)

MariaJ said...

I hope to get some rain here start a new be creative...but NO the days are still warm +22 (usually around +10 at this time of year) so I enjoy my garden work.
I REALLY want to see what you're going to do. It would be also nice to see more photos of your lovely garden before winter comes...Is your yard big?
Besides...I drink always tea...LOL

Connie and Rob said...

Very much rain here today too! A good time to catch up on some rest. I played with my dogs who have so been ignored all week and then got ready for a nice dinner out.

Late on catching up with my blogging.

Take care,

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Your tea looks delicious, How do you make those rolls? I have never seen them homemade before!

Laura said...

Oooohhhh a rainy day and a new project!!! How wonderful!!! I know you had a perfectly wonderful time!!

One Crabapple said...

oh ! this must be the PINK FLUFFY PROJECT

It look very interesting. And VERY PRETTY.

BUt ! the Cigarette Rolls with TEA in the RAIN sounds sooo good I am almost crying!

How wonderful that you got some RAIN !

ps. I did GOOGLE your city...I could not get the exact house as I must be entering the address wrong ? But I could see your city and the neighboring cities...THAT was pretty kool. It was so fun to think I was just floating above you and wonder which house was you and what you might be doing.

Carol said...

I like to eat cigarette rolls too Pinar, they are filled with sheep cheese right? Hm so yummy! Also it's nice to see some pictures of your Istanbul garden and I hope to see some more soon!