Friday, September 29, 2006

knitting stories.. covered buttons.. and multipl use shawls

I love knitting.. because it is practical.. you can carry it with you everywhere.. you can knit while you chat..or watch tv..or listen to your children's learned poems.. and it is not messy.. you can leave as it is.. in a bag or basket.. it looks nice.. homely.. it adds warmth to your home decor..I learned knitting from my aunt..while I was a student at the university.. this was awkward because my mom was a talented knitter..and a teacher of handcrafts.. but she kept saying..''I teach at school.. I don't want to teach at home''.. so my aunt showed me when I went for a sleep-on visit to her.. back home.. I showed mom my new skill .. she screamed..

I did not know there were different styles of knitting.. my aunt was passing the yarn around her neck and was wrapping it twice around her left index finger while knitting .. with this specific finger, hold upright..and I learned to do it the same way and did not know why my mother was screaming.. ''what is this.. are you going to put your finger into people's eye.. leave this I will show you'' .. and she did.. and she always kept an eye on me.. she told me .. you have to hold the needles close to your body.. and to not move those hands in wide motions.. she kept on saying ''this is a very disturbing sight..think of the others..''.. and she kept on criticising..until the day I hold my needles in a perfect.. esthetical way..well upto my mother's point of view..

these are blurred photos of my hands...and I didn't pose for them.. my daughter took them with the camera of my phone.. last winter.. and as I tought they were appropriate and natural..I used them in this mail.. instead of a new one... and here is a side view..

I was knitting finally.. and esthetically... and I was happy that she was my mother.. and not my teacher..
and one day a friend of her called me and proposed me to accompany her to the yarn outlet where she was planning to go ..
when we came back.. mom screamed again.. at the view of my huge yarn stock..
those days.. (in 1978 I believe) I bought Elle magazine and they were editing a fiche-tricot.. each month .. kind of tear-off and keep files.. on one side there was the photo.. and at the back the pattern of a knitted item.. so sad I have let them go after keeping them for nearly 20 years.. but I do remember most of the models.. because I have knitted them.. starting from a big long coat.. knitted in a heavy yarn.. and I remember there was a design of life-tree on both sides and arms.. it was long up to my ankles..
mom .. after screaming.. warned me.. waving her index finger under my nose.. (the way she told me what not to do while knitting..) that I should not ask her the smallest question about the pattern.. and I didn't.. I sat in my armchair.. readingthe pattern .. understanding.. applying.. for days.. I was aware that.. she was going in.. getting out..passing near me.. and I was aware also that ..she was mad at me because I did not ask any question to her... and she was not able to wave that finger again and saying this.. mother's 'I told you'..
I did the finishing.. and wearing it.. and made a catwalk in the house..before going out with friends.. I was successful.. and I was a keen knitter..

I always do that..if I will start something new.. or try something I never did before.. I start with the biggest project available..if it is painting.. I start by the tallest sideboard in the house.. if I have to sew it is valenced and interlined sofisticated long curtains for the living room..
knitting as I said a maxi-length coat..

I have a confession to make though.. while I was wearing it.. my coat became longer..longer.. and at the end of the winter.. I was stepping on the edges of the coat.. I had knit lots of things until then.. and mom assured that she would not be disturbed by my new addiction.. and also proud of me.. told me that if.. I knit a long and heavy project I have to knit the yarn..together with a same coloured sewing thread.. so that it stays in shape.. and does not elongate up to infinity.. that was an important trick..and still is..

when I became a doctor in a general practitioner.. I went to work in Anatolia by myself..I had my own home.. was not married.. therefore was not overwhelmed by responsabilities.. and I had a close friend living near to my house.. and we were knitting together..after work.. but we had a problem.. it was before the internet days..and we couldn't find any pattern book at the bookstore.. and the hand knitted fashion was out..therefore we started to design our knits.. I remember a black turtleneck pull-over worn by one of the ladies of a serial on TV.. there was bead sequin embroideries in black and white of silhouettes of flying birds wings on it.. those wavy shapes were looking gorgious.. I liked it so much that I knitted something very much similar..the with a new courage.. we started to knit everything.. we were making the pattern of our printed skirts.. and created two piece combinations.. and I developped a skill to look at something and knit the same well with some personal additions and modifications ..without the need of a real pattern..
now I prefer small projects.. because I am not my mom's daughter anymore.. because the luxury of the golden age of being the daughter of the house doesn't exist anymore.. I am the mother in person..which means..I am the finger waving .. 'I told you' screaming lady.. and now I know this is a serious time consuming I prefer small projects.. painting birdhouses.. and knitting shawls.. sewing caddies..

this one is my automn..pancho-cum-shawl.. I saw on a vey chic a cafe.. her's had a tooth shaped button and the pattern was somewhat different .. I prefered to try one of those victorian crochet covered buttons..I love the result.. because it blends in so well with the patterns nodes..I can wear it buttoned.. as a pancho.. or unbuttonned as a shawl..or wear it aroud my neck.. as a neckwarmer.. because it is very sotf.. Ieven can wear it on my head.. twisting around my neck and becomes a nice warm do you like it..well I can give descriptions of button covering and the knitting if anyone wants.. anytime..

this weekend..I will finish my pink fluffy project.. the knitting is already needs to be assembled ..embellished.. and presented to the owner..and you..enjoy your weekend ladies..happy crafting..


dogfaeriex5 said...

i am very jealous if you knitting skills!! and you are a general! the thing you learn from friend's

MariaJ said...

Your pancho-cum-shawl is a great idea....and it doesnt look easy to knit....You have to be an expert. Your nice story reminds me of my teenage time. I also knitted. Everywhere, at school (breaktime) with my the Christmas was funny...I knitted four sweaters: to my two brothers, my dad and to my was nice when they opened their Christmas presents together. They were all quite suprised.

Dotee said...

You are an excellent knitter! I enjoyed reading your history of how you came to knit. And, your mum's lessons!

I love your knitted shawl. Lovely color. Would love to touch it it feel it's texture.

I didn't know you were a doctor. You are a woman of many, many talents.
Have a great weekend

Dotee xx

Connie and Rob said...

Oh my your are so talented. Your shawl is just beautiful. It looks like it is very comfortable too.

Take care,

Naturegirl said...

Knitting is a craft I can take up as I did knit when younger.Perhaps in visiting your site I will get inspired to pick up the yarn! Something to keep me busy in the winter .I love ponchos..have a collection of them!

Britt-Arnhild said...

I like this blog, on how you learnt to knit and has kept on ever since. I have been a knitter since I was 4 or 5, and have been seen with needles in my hands ever since....

Annabelle said...

I love the shawl and the choice of the victorian crochet covered button.It suits it perfectly!


Wendy said...

Your knitting is lovely. You left a comment on my blog and asked what kind of knitter you are. I am thinking you hold your knitting the English way by the pictures, but I can't say! I wish you were closer to me so we could meet up and chat. Whatever style of knitting you choose, your work is wonderful.

It seems like you have an interesting a full life.

Debbie said...

Got here via your Knit and Tonic comment. Don't think it matters how you knit, your stuff is BEAUTIFAL!!

Alice said...

I loved your story of how you learned to knit, and your mother's reaction. It's a good thing that you kept going despite your mother's disapproval. You are so clever to be able to knit anything you see, even without a pattern.

Your shawl is lovely and such a versatile garment.