Tuesday, September 05, 2006

from purple coffee cup..to tulips..

this morning I choose my purple cofee cup to spoil myself.. I won't be so choosy in days to come.. schools are starting on 19 september.. there will be such a hurrying in the mornings .. but we will cope.. I hope.. so I have a few more days to spoil myself.. =))

did I mention I love purple.. it has been my favorite colour from my early childhood.. and I stick to it.. because it is a colour with history.. suits both my taste and charactere..
purple was a royal colour in all cultures during the ancient times.. because it was very hard to extract it.. the byzantine called their noble classes.. PURPUROGENNETOS which means.. born in a purple room.. purple coloured textile was very expensive .. even in small quantities.. and to decorate a room.. must have cost a fortune.. they were noble and rich..
happy that in our times.. we have it more cheap.. if no.. how could I use it.. almost everywhere in the house..
purple tulips are my favorite as well .. and tulips are an important flower for Istanbul.. and our culture..

during the TULÄ°P ERA.. of the ottoman empire.. the gardens.. public and personal and royal gardens were all planted with tulips.. and music was played in the evenings.. and people strolling here and there on the gardenpaths ..the gardens must have looked magic .. in the candle lights..
the candles were fixed over the turtles.. can you imagine the atmosphere.. blinking and walking lights everywhere in flowerbeds.. tulipbeds..these photos are from the STAR PALACE.. in Istanbul.. It was one of the residence buildings of the CIRAGAN PALACE where the Ottoman Emperors.. used to live..now it is a national park.. and in May there was TULIP FEAST .. so these photos date from May 06.. I don't mean to be touristic guide or anything like thar.. I just wanted to emphasize.. that these people in the old times..knew how to have pleasure.. from the savour of life..

tulip pattern was a favorite pattern in turkish embroidery.. this one is a modern version of it.. it's a blouse that I wore at my prom.. at 1976.. my mother did the embroidery and designed the pattern.. It looked cool..originally it was undyed and was natural creamy colour.. but during all these years.. the colours have run.. and there were some humidity stains.. that I couldn't take off.. so I tried to machine- dye it to my favorite colour.. and success.. it's '' ton sur ton'' purple now.. and I can wear it a few more times.. espacially as ethnic is in fashion nowadays.. the colour of the photo is more bluish than the real colour.. it is eggplant purple.. and I like it.. nowadays I'm not able to craft.. the garden.. school preparations..take so much time .. but as I don't want to stop posting.. well I use the archives.. =))


dogfaeriex5 said...
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dogfaeriex5 said...

purple is my favorite color also...i wanted to share something with you, pinar..when i lived in my townhome, the maintainence man was this sweet man from turkey, his name was toga and his wife was a lovely red-headed american girl..i sent many a night on their front porch drinking coffee or tea and eating cake(i love cake!)he was the sweetest man and such a lovely couple..i smile every time i think of them...just like i smile when i see you have stopped by my blog

One Crabapple said...

The prom dress recycle has worked !

It is beautiful.

I loved reading of your knowledge of the color purple here.

This home is very beautiful too.

It must be such a sight to see so many tulips all around.

I loved imaginging the part about the turtles and the candles.... Must have been quite incredible.

Thank you for this wonderful time to think about tulips and candles and the color purple. A very spiritual color too !

One Crabapple said...

oh ! AND ! I love that CUP !

Nice photo !

Julie H said...

What glorious gardens, tulips are so beautiful, and yet I like the photos of your garden more - it is welcoming and seems to call out to look closer. I like the chair that you have planted in the garden.