Wednesday, September 20, 2006

nessie.. patchwork.. and books..

no.. I am not this kind of woman.. the kind who laments all day.. a victorian character.. I am mostly a joyfull and a pleasure-maker..taker.. of life.. seeing the good in the bad.. seeing the fullversus empty..don't misunderstand me.. taking credit from my earlier posts..
well the world may have problems.. big ones.. but we have one life to live.. and enjoy.. sooo
so from now on.. you will see the real me.. well maybe from time to time I may get a bit sentimental but forgive..I am a human.. no??
do you know Nessie.. the one from LochNess.. I have fancies about her.. I fancy about..wearing a cream coloured aran pull.. corduroy trousers.. riding a bicycle.. on those narrow roads .. between those rock walls and green fields.. meeting those sheeps.. in the scottish country side.. and going to this specific lake.. where Nessie waits for me.. well I know it is a do-able fancy but..if Nessie doesn't show up.. I will feel sorry..
this is what I said to my neurologist friend who went for a medical congress to Glasgow.. she asked me if I wanted something from her to bring this trip.. and I answered
''tell Nessie to wait for me''
she looked up at my face.. she was surprised.. and I explained her.. you don't have to surprise neurologs.. they can put easily a label on you.. and write one of those funny psychological diagnose.. and it will be hard to take it off.. so I explained.. this is a childhood dream.. and she returned yesterday.. she brought me a present.. Nessie in a glass globe.. Nessie wearing a kilt and that cute hat.... holding a gaida.. rolling eyes..and on the globe there is a trifoil .. reminds me of St. Patrick.. doesn't it..
my daughter(12).. wanted to take it and keep it in her room with the small accessories she collects.. but I fighted over Nessie.. and said.. mothers have the right to be childish as well.. so I am the proud owner of this globe.. in my craft room.. in company of my violet patterned egg. and clock.. my little treasures..
to recouncil with her.. I helped my daughter to cover her books and notebooks.. here are the piles.. of covering-paper.. and was hard work..
she learns english and french at school.. she is a well educated little lady...
I love it when she talks to me in french.. bonjour maman..ooh I love it .. and sometimes it makes us trouble - free ..for example we went shopping a few days ago.. and I showed her a pullover I thought she would like.. and she responded.. ''c'est moche'' can we translate it as '' it stinks''.. =S well at least the shop-lady did not understand..
and my son learns these two languages as well he is 16.. and his english is fluent..much better then my daughter.. but a few days ago.. my daughter was complaining about a problem on her computer.. and my son said..
you can download a patch.. from the internet.. do you know what is patch??..
she answered very calmly....
I know .. it is ''yama'' ..
he was so surprised.. said
'' well done.. how do you know it..
she said..
from patchwork..
you had to see my son's face..soo puzzled.. patchwork.. I never heard.. what is it??..
hey hey to my crafting .. craft lover daughter.. I'm sure she will be like me..


Julie H said...

Pinar that is a lovely dream. I visted Loch Ness way back in 1982 with my family. While we were there we say movement in the water - like the waves behind a speed boat, but there was no boat. I hope you meet Nessie one day.

cally said...

Hi Pinar,
Thanks for your comment on my blog. I think the brooches are felt. I was excited to get your comment, my first Turkish commenter. I have a soft spot in my heart for Turkey as a big love of my life was Turkish.

I stayed with him and his family in Fethiye 11 years ago before he had to go into the army. Young love, never forgotten. My Turkish words are mostly forgotten now, except in my dreams where they all come back to me.

So co-incidental to read this post in your blog (wish I had time to read them all) and it is about Scotland, where I am. I have looked for Nessie, but Nessie is waiting for you, not for me.

I'm so impressed that your children are learning so many languages.

caroline said...

Pinar - love, love, loving your blog!
Best Wishes Caroline

One Crabapple said...

laughing at the Patchwork Story !
Love it.

ah but the story of Nessie and your dream is all too wonderful. I love this most of all !

how wonderful to hear that little voice speaking french to you Maman.

I will now have C'est Moche in my head.
I am at work and must return to the tape room soon - I will test it out on someone as soon as I can in there.