Thursday, September 21, 2006

about the coat challenge.. and new acquired goodies

Alicia started a coat challenge.. well not a real one maybe.. a quasi-challenge.. and I loved her coats.. I love coats.. and I left her a message yesterday..that I am in.. but I was far too ambitious.. the weather is fine in here.. and I did not take my coats out still.. and after work.. couldn't find the time nor the energy to take them out from the closet..and from the dustcovers.. and take photos.. cover them again and range them back to the closet.. big work.. so in a few days Alicia ..this seems to be a the weekend post..
but I have taken some other photos today..
I have to show you a motivating pile of magazines on my coffee table.. ''In Style's'' turkish edition..September issue.. to learn about the fashion- trends for winter.. and to have an idea about the choice of colours.. and I heard that knitted extra-large pulls and very interesting neck warmers.. a bit baroque-style are in we have to take a look at these.. ''Super'' a shopping magazine ..for people who don't have the time to window shop .. it is a comparative fashion magazine.. with prices and trademarks of all kind of outfits.. the third.. ''Evim'' is the house version of it.. home accessories.. furniture.. textile.. so you can windowshop at home.. and looking at fashion magazines makes easy the choice of models.. and also organizing your shopping and your existant wardrobe.. this is important as I have to get dressed properly to go to work every day.. even doctors are first of all women.. aren't they.. and the last one is a turkish knitting magazine.. ''Nako''..this company produces hand-knitting yarns and is publishing seasonal knitting magazine .. especially this fall issue pleased me a lot..and it is full of these sorbet colours that I like so much this year..throws.. baby blankets.. sweaters.. I have already chosen some .. and put them on my to-do list yesterday.. while walking in a hurry to te bookstore.. to buy some more school materials for the kids ( this is the routine during the first week at school.. they both call me at work.. when they come home from school.. and read me a full list of needed materials for specific lessons.. ) I was trespassing a small shop of crafts necessities.. and I saw the newly arrived.. yarn.. couldn't walk away.. could you.. colour.. pink.. strawberry pink.. and it has a fun texture..

see a close-up.. it is curly.. and so soft to touch.. well I needed it.. I am not a pink person.. but fortunately I have a daughter.. a pink lady.. this will be for her.. I still don't know what?? but sure I will find a pattern to use it I was in.. I noticed this lace and the ribbon.. perfect for my ongoing lamp-embellishment project.. the colour is the same as my craft-nest's wall colour.. and you see the crochet.. who can resis this colour.. I like to use bright coloured knitting needles.. have to spoil yourself sometimes.. well often.. always..=)..
see the beads.. these are a modern version of the traditional amulets in Turkey.. I think they are very decorative..they are made of porcelain.. they have big holes.. just to go through the tassels.. and they will embellish something.. I still don't know what?? a cushion..a bag..I remember once.. I was invited to a Feng -Shui seminary.. the speaker was a man from Israel.. and before Feng Shui.. he made a speech about evil eyes.. which is a worldwide belief..and talismans and amulets..about the reasons and the ethnic explanation of this belief and local differences.. it was interesting..he told us that .. in the countries where the population had mostly.. dark hair-dark brown eyes.. like my country..the persons who had blue eyes were considered as a potential evil-eye.. and local people would use to prevent their possible effect eye motifs .. blue beads.... wall colours.. I'll never forget.. the anectode about a local belief that he told .. these people were painting their walls blue.. sky blue.. because God and Heaven are up in sky.. so blue is a symbol of goodness.. and evil lives under the earth.. and as evil spirits enter your room.. and see the blue walls they believe tey have come to heaven and fear so much they go beck down the earth.. and he finisheb this anectode saying.. these evil spirits are not only evil.. but stupid as well.. he was an amusing man..
he also added that if we did go to northern countries.. where blue-eyed people were the majority.. this time the belief would be that people with dark eyes may have evil-effects.. vice-versa.. he also had a slide show of amulets of different ages and countries.. even some remnants from the Vikings.. before that speech I never knew so much about it..
as a medical doctor.. and a positive sciencist.. I don't rely on amulets.. but they may be very decorative.. and if they provide some protection.. why should I refuse =))


Colette said...

The Middle Eastern stores here sell the "evil eye" amulet. I have a couple!

I wanted to thank you for your kind words on my blog.

caroline said...

I love the colour of your lace and the evil eye beads are stunning they would look amazing on a bag.

jessica said...

thank you for the story on the "evil eye". i purchased some evil eye items on my trip to turkey, some for friends, some for me. also noticed it becoming popular in brazil now.

glad you were inside from that hard rain.

looking forward to seeing what evolves from your pieces.

One Crabapple said...

I recognized those beads as ethe Evil Eye Protection right off. How beautiful !

I have light eyes Pinar - do beware !

The trims you bought for the lampshade project (or whatever project you end up using them on !) are DELIICOUS ! Love that color too.

The pink yarn looks so soft !

And I see you and I have yet another thing in common Crazy for Magazines ?