Monday, September 04, 2006

how do you know people??

there is a turkish proverb.. saying '' how do you know about people?.. as you know yourself''
so you can never imagine what kind of life and surroundings they have really.. especially if it's just their mails that you read..
maybe that's why some bloggers have decided to show their home on fridays.... or are editing photos of their craft room.. and corners of their house they especially like.. and are chatting also about their daily habits..or about something that happens in their neighbourhood or family..
without these details.. it would be as if we were listening to someone who is talking behind a wall..
well as I say crafters..have attentive eyes.. they see in the detail....they have an artistic view and are looking around them for inspiration as well as to find .. small things that make life beautiful and.. interesting..

so I think you should see.. some things.. some details and some sightviews.. to be able to imagine me as a proper person.. not a book character..
that's why I have decided to involve some photos of my home .. garden.. or a street shots sometimes.. so that you are able to know me better..

and the photo above is my garden.. this I like to think that the garden is a place to live as well.. so I have some home inspired.. some home made.. accessories around.. you see the planted chair.. I have another one as well.. but didn't have time to take a picture of it yet..

In my daily routine.. I wake up earlier necessary.. to be able to have my cup of coffee in the silence of the home.. I walk in the rooms.. look at the decor.. see new possibilities for rearranging some details.. or what is in need or cleaning.. or to imagine a new decor.. look at the mails.. and at the blogs.. comments.. upload pictures.. plan my day.. this is my oxygen time.. I need this silence.. and I treat myself very well.. I choose my coffee cup.. prepare my coffee.. go to my favorite corner.. or in the garden.. and sometimes.. take photos.. of my coffee.. or of the garden.. of a craft..
see.. my mornings are rather busy.. and very silent..
today my coffee cup is one I bought from Sweden in 1988.. they told me that honeysuckle is a symbol of Goeteborg.. I was there .. at a back pain Congress.. at a cofee break .. we were chatting from old days with a prof of Manchester University whom I knew from my residence days in their hospital .. one of the swedish chairmen.. very very handsome.. offered a private tour to him.. the prof invited me to join them.. of course I accepted.. not for the prof.. but when guides are so handsome.. you accept the tours.. =) .. so he took us to the ruins of an old castle..surrounded by forests.. and there he showed us the honesuckle.. laying on the soil under the trees.. soo weak and tiny..saying that it was the symbol of the city.. I remember laughing and saying that we call it the '' lady's hand'' in turkey.. and that it goes over the fences.. garden doors.. sometimes up to the roof of the houses.. well we have the advantage of mediteranean climate.. and I noticed that this handsome mister.. was rather frustrated from my comment..=( .. well I didn't mean it.. but farewell my romantic feelings about the walk..

the sugar bowl has a pattern to go with.. and the swans.. are a gift from my mother.. I love white accessories..

a good coffee.. and silence.. what can anyone want the early hours of the morning..


One Crabapple said...

Beautifully written !

How I love your flower pots and planted chair in the garden ...

I like picturing you Pinar - with your morning cup of heated brew , much like me now . In the early morning quiet...before the busy day fully begins.

This story about The Lady's Hand" and the handsome chairman not taking to your information - oh I am chuckling while I imagine it as if I was watching nearby....

The Swans are lovely.

One Crabapple said...

Hello again Pinar

I was wondering about the pictures of the fire on your Turkish blog site

Did you have a fire near your house recently ?

My goodness the pictures were taken very close up !

One Crabapple said...

Kafe Pinar's looks delicious.

I would love to make reservations for tonight !

For Two !

jessica said...

a peacefulness i sense from your early morning.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Thank you for the tour of you, and sharing a cup of turkish coffee, I love your garden of chairs with pots!

Julia said...

Your garden is beautiful! I love the stacked pots with flowers tumbling out of's gorgeous! Now i want to try that. =)