Friday, September 01, 2006

cornelian cherry ?? at this time of the year??

this evening..on the way home..I had to stop at the supermarket.. after work.. I was passing through the a hurry.. and I saw.. the red berries.. how do you call them.. cornelian cherry?? ..I thought they were over..before I used to find them in June.. but they were.. I have planted a tree ..last year..but it still so small that I didn't get any fruit yet..I love them..not for eating..nor for marmelade.. I make liqueur.. the colour becomes such a vivid pinkish red.. and it is so easy to do..
you just wash and drain them .. put them in a jar.. cover with vodka.. some people use drinking alcohol to make liqueur.. bu I use vodka.. it gives a softer taste.. ( did you notice how chic is the bottle ).. and keep in a dark place for 3 weeks...

after three weeks.. after all the colour and flavor has run into the vodka.. you drain the fruits..and keep the extract.. if you use it this way it's bitter.. but I keep some to colour coctails..
I prepare a syrup by boiling sugar and water for the the rest..then I add small amouts of the syrop to the drink.. the sweetness of the liqueur must be up to your taste.. I like real sweet then pour it in your favorite liqueur bottle.. (if you don't have any.. it's a good excuse for going to the thrift shops.. and always find good excuses.. to drop in a nearby thrift-shop.. )
and share with friends..
sooo simple..and such a pleasure.. enjoy automn


Cat said...

Hi Pinar,
I am so glad you left a comment because then I came here and saw this wonderful way to make cherry liqueur! I will be sure to give it a try after the move - wouldn't it be lovely for Christmas!

It is nice to meet you - wow all the way from Instanbul! I'm looking forward to following your blog. Thank you, Cat

jessica said...

i just returned from an incredible trip from would have been nice to taste your cherry liqueur...

One Crabapple said...

Oh what a wonderful thing I have learned here. I have tried making liqueurs ! and I still have them sitting away in the cupboard. They are bitter but potent ! I did not know about the boiling syrup process to add the steeped vodka and fruit to ! This solves my problem ! I will try this !

I made it with apricots once. Let me tell you - those apricots that sat in the vodka ? they were delicious little things served ice cold in a bowl on the table! Full of vodka you can imagine the punch they provide with tea !

Delicious !

Thank you - your cherries look so pretty here in teh picture and your little Provence embroidered towel is there looking so sweet too.

The bowl is beautiful and looks just perfect with red cherries !

Nice picture and what a "special bottle" (laughing)