Tuesday, September 12, 2006

what we learn from a walk in the country..

sometimes you can presume things.. for example you can guess that this flower will turn into..a purple vegetable..
and you are right.. so you can feel so sure about yourself and so wise.. that you find the right of giving advice to your children and whoever else needs..
sometimes.. you can't.. guess.. that the colour of this flower.. will change.. so much.. and become..
a dark green pumpkin.. gourd.. and say.. to yourself..one cannot be sure about anything.. but.. in fact when you cut the fruit.. surprise.. the orange colour..is there .. hidden inside.. so it wasn't totally different from what the mother-flower was..
the colours of the rocks over the hills ..should be totally natural.. no??
and you can admire the colours chosen by the creator.. the greatest artist.. and the greatest imagination..

black/ smokey grey/ olive green/ moss green/ golden yellow/ and pink.. would you ever dare using all in one craft..I wouldn't..
and their texture are so different wooly.. tufted.. shiny and sparkly.. velvet.. would you or could you guess..

if we go back with the assumption of all colours being natural.. if you learned later.. from a shepherd.. that normally all the green and grey colours are natural..and will get darker..at the end becoming black.. but.. if you pour some salt over them.. and let the goats lick it.. it becomes pink and shiny.. and never again there is moss growth over these areas.. because there is some substance.. in the saliva of the goats that prevent moss growth.. wouldn't you learn two things.. first.. never making assumptions.. and second.. that nature is a whole .. rocks and salt..minerals.. plants.. animals and human.. They can achieve something only when they act together.. and the end product is perfect and is permanent.. That we are parts of the whole.. one counting for the other..Wouldn't you feel good .. when looking around yourself ..you could always see signs of cherished things and people.. like this E shaped rock..reminding me.. my husband.. my niece and nephew.. and also my turkish blog.. ehlikeyif.. (which means.. a person who enjoys and seek for pleasures of life)

And finally.. when you come to the top.. the satisfaction of achieving .. and.. seeing everything so clear.. and small .. and the gethered houses.. which makes a small community.. and your home.. which is your castle.. is so small that you can take it between two fingers.. won't you feel vulnerable.. and futile.. and won't you say again ''O God .. we are just your creation.. nothing but one small creation among others.. not the conquerror and warrior that we believe we are''..


Connie and Rob said...

Thank you for such a beautiful post.

I love the picture of the E shaped rock...

Take care,

dogfaeriex5 said...

what a wonderful post!
thank-you for sharing!!

Cat said...

Beautiful pictures and words!