Tuesday, September 26, 2006

chaos.. and order..of crafting

I was.. in the craft room.. and was glueing those torn pages from magazines and so.. you know those ''ideas I like'' pages.. of every origine.. colour combination ideas..craft ideas.. decoration ideas.. and I noticed the writing on the cover of the notebook I choose..
chaos was the law of the nature.. order was the dream of man(or woman in my state) ..
I try to keep under control all the knick-knack I bring home.. the magazine torn-offs and the ''on-purpose shopping'' left aside.. there are so many things that I bring home without even noticing..thrift shop.. arts and crafts shop.. dollar shop.. fabric shop.. bookshop..I can't pass bye.. and gifts.. friends.. who know that I like purple.. I like crafting.. knitting and worst of all recycling.. bring me things old..unused.. or over-used things.. uninspiring for other people..treasure for me.. I am a project creator.. a monster.. I can easily see the outcome or decide how-to the re-use material.. and if only my hands were as speedy as my mind.. I would be a great crafter.. but as I usually thing about-but do not find time to realise them.... I become a clutter-maker.. remember the dirty boy charactere from Snoopy .. in one of the cartoons.. he was standing by the sideway and he was newly-washed..very clean.. and just standing there.. in each sequence of the cartoon he got dirty.. no comment..I feel like him.. I sit down quitely.. and behind my back.. some material are crawling into my house and finding their way up into my room.. scary feeling.. I sometimes don't even have time to range them properly.. and when I think I have time to work on a project.. I don't have any empty surface left..to craft on.. or I never find the specific material that I need.. this is not procrastination.. this isn't cluttering.. I don't know the expression of this state.. but this is my state.. find-buy-take home-range-find-buy-take.. ooh..I want to stop this vicious circle.. I want to do things.. to craft..
one of the projects on my mind was to cover this book.. but I think I should better use it this way.. at least.. it will show me that I am natural.. and human.. and that order is a dream.. and accept to have a persistent chaos in my workspace..and stop to constantly try to range it ..
well of course.. sometimes I stop moaning..and ranging.. take my things..go to the living room..and I do things.. this is a finished one.. I bought nothing for this project.. the fabric is an old corduroy skirt of my daughter.. all the beads.. corals mother of pearl came from old broken necklaces.. the crocheted flowers are made from remnants of yarn.. and mother of pearl buttons from an old shirt.. I call it my Byzantine necklace.. because it reminds me of the chubby gold necklaces .. with precious stone insets.. that I saw on the old Byzantine fresks and mozaics..and I think it is very precious.. because it is done..completed in the middle of a chaos..
I wanted to upload a close up ..but blogger doesn't want me to.. in another post..maybe.. until then the only available photo is this.. and you.. under which conditions do you succeed to finish your projects??


Anonymous said...
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One Crabapple said...

I have not read your entry yet Pinar - but this necklace is GORGEOUS !!!

YOu made this ? just beautiful !

I have so much catching up to do . Hopefully in the next half hour here I will have time to come back and read more.

I am so behind !!!

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

lovely!! Wonderfully interesting piece you created!!

Dotee said...

Gorgeous Pinar!!

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Your necklace is a WOW!!!

Britt-Arnhild said...

Oh, it's beautiful.....and created "out of nothing" :-) You are an artist!

One Crabapple said...

oh Pinar - and anyone else listening...do not click on the make extra money link above by ANONYMOUS - just go in to your site and delete it before it causes anyone any trouble. I had one and it is not a good thing.

One Crabapple said...

This is so interesting Pinar ! again I see we are not so different at all !!

laughing here.

The name of the character in Snoopy is Pig Pen and I use him as a nickname for myself allll the time ! that is so funny that you said the same thing !

I do not know how all of these things show up in my house. Surely I MUST be bringing it all in and stacking it up , stuffing it in, and squirreling it away...MAybe I have a sickness ?