Friday, September 15, 2006

a room to your own..or my craft room..almost finished..

I feel that I will not be able to finish this room..or start crafting again if I don't write this post.. this is a motivating post to myself..
when we moved in this house 4 years ago.. we did a long.. hard.. restoration and re-designing.. we changed the place of some partition walls.. creating a new lay-out.. that would suit better our life style..with one exception..
at the second floor there were 3 bedrooms.. and a balcony..I wanted to join this balcony.. to the room.. because we already had a small town garden..but my DH resisted to the idea..he wanted to use it .. what for?? morning breathing exercises.. =}
last year .. the balcony never being used.. but cleaned twice a week.. I decided to fit sliding windows..and use it as a small closed-balcony.. sort of a green house.. at least it would be.. cleaner.. and warmer.. and then it turned out into a small craft room..I don't have enough place to store my stuff in here .. but as I already have a good closet system in the basement for these.. and not enough light to do my crafts .. I needed a place to sit by my own.. crafting.. and when needed.. I could leave the half project.. without anyone disturbing it.. (or it.. disturbing anyone..)
I did the painting.. I hesitated between aqua and pistachio.. made some trials..and choose a flashy pistachio green..there was not too much place to paint as half of the walls are nothing but windows.. so I did it in one day.. first coat in the morning.. and second coat in the evening.. during the summer it coordinates with the garden.. I have a big pear tree just in front of this balcony.. and the branches are so close.. that I feel as if I can reach them.. the light filters between the leaves..and during the winter.. at the grey light of the day.. it will stay joyful I hope ..
the green makes it look rather like an aquarium..
I recently finished the decoration such as.. the task - lights ..the carpet..the throws and cushions..and it turned out to be a cream/pistachio room with a hint of aqua blue and violet accessories.. the accessorial colours.. were determined.. by the striped pillow..
my armchair.. is a small sized but ergonomic one.. it was my bedroom armchair when we first got married..I have it re-cover in a cream damasc fabric..the side table and the standing lamp are from Ikea.. nostalgic looking and cream..and not so expensive.. what else can I want.. thank you Ikea..with the addition of a cushion .. and throw..nice place to read.. or look at magazines.. even write posts to my blog(s)..
the depth of the place is not much.. and I choose a folding table..fixed to the wall.. I open it when I use my sewing machine.. or my small iron board.. or when I will do these altered art pieces.. or ATC's.. the rest of the time it stays closed.. very effective when place is so limited..
the table embellished by me.. it is an ongoing project.. the shade was so simple.. I glued some silk peonies..and now am planning to add some lace.. maybe a fringe of reflect the light.. the message board is recycling.. of a frame and an old machine quilted bedcover.. and ribbons..I still have remnants.. to make a sewing machine cover.. and a sewing and knitting..tool-caddy..
I only have two small plants..Tyllandsia cyanea.. on the windowsill..
the drawer-box.. doesn't really belong's my ribbon box.. I organized the drawers.. but as the land-lady ( me .. who??) is dis-organized.. it didn't go back to it's the basement..take a close look at my pitcher.. found in the antique shop.. a real bargain.. because of a crack at the lipping part..but it will be unseen when filled in with flowers..the violet colour of the flowers and the aqua blue of some of the leaves.. attracted me so much I couldn't leave it behind..
there are some more..detail photos.. of other small accessories..but blogger doesn't upload them.. so I will show them another day..
I hope .. now that I finally have a place to craft.. that summer laziness is over.. and that I have even blogged about it I will start to craft again.. I mean start on my list of to-do and to-try.. and do it on a daily basis.. have a nice weekend..
me?? this weekend ..I hope I will finish this room's last details.. and will be here with photos..on monday.. =)


Connie and Rob said...

You have created a lovely room. Oh I wish I had an ounce of your energy. Can't wait to see more pictures. You should be very happy with your results.

Take care,

One Crabapple said...

I think that your little room came out beautiful

I love the pistachio color with the cream

Healing and calming

Quite beautiful !

(like you)

This little corner shown in your photo loos very comfortable and cozy and I LOVE the little table.

IKEA is about five minutes from here and you know I will want to go see if I can find the same table !

YOu have done so much work here. And it has come out very nice !

I like that lamp you are embellising and think that your idea of using the crystal fringe is PERFECT !

I need a Ribbon Box-
GREAT idea.

The Pitcher is sooo pretty. I Like that you gave it new life with it's cracked lip. It is beautiful.

What a wonderful space you have to create in Pinar !

Good luck with your chores on this room over the weekend.Can't wait to see what you have by Monday !

Love, S.

caroline said...

I love the pistachio colour - you have made a beautiful space for yourself.

Cat said...

This looks like a very comforting and welcoming space to sit and read or craft in. May your time spent there be creative!

Beautifully colored vase!

MARYBETH said...

what a warm, lovely, inviting creative space. I so enjoyed reading your process. It has further inspired me to get to work on my space It is nice to find you and your blog =)

Anonymous said...
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