Monday, September 11, 2006

country side.. morning coffee and cup cake..

my morning coffee was special on sunday.. we were invited to my sis-in-law's country house for the week end.. and it has been the first time that I took my crochet and wool after a long leasure time.. the saturday evening.. we were chatting after the BBQ..all the family in the sitting room.. ( we were 8 with the children).. and me trying to do one of these cupcakes I saw in some blogs.. I wanted to do her a present for her house.. but did not manage to do it in advance.. so I started the saturday evening without telling them what it was and for who.. well as I didn't have the pattern.. I tried to figure out how to do it.. first a small circle as the bottom.. then a rectangle for the sides.. then with the pink wool a circle again.. but I finished the last round as small eyelashes.. so that it looks as if the topping of the cake has runs on the sides.. a pistacho green wool pistacho for the decoration.. while I was crocheting each piece.. they were making guesses.. without even coming close to the idea..
and when I finished filling .. put it on a plate..and presented as her new pincushion..she enjoyed so much.. and asked me for another one.. now I am doing a rectangle one.. with a pistache refill and a cream coloured topping.. maybe some glass beads as decorations.. my daughter asked one for herself .. whole chocolate colour..with a red berry on the top..she says she will use as a decoration for her room so maybe I can fill it with some pot-porri ??.. inspirations..the cupcakes are this automn's success around here.. thank you bloggers..
so in the morning I woke up early.. everybody else being asleep.. I prepared my coffee.. took the photo of the two..then went on the balcony..
here is the view..

It remainds me some renaissance paintings.. of Tuscan countyside.. the geography of the area with sloping hills.. trees and fiels.. It was so windy..that the sound of the wind passing through the fiels was like a stormy sea's sound.. surprising..I never heard it..
I may like coffee.. but the rest of the family are 'tea persons'.. so as was up before them I started the preparations of the breakfast.. as tea making is different in here.. it takes time..the boiled water is poured in the small teapot..over the tea leaves .. the small teapot placed over the big one.. again on the oven..and we keep sizzling the water.. 20 min at least so that tea has all his taste and flavor and colour in the water..

and we serve them in special tea glasses.. how is the colour..??

after breakfast.. which became nearly a brunch.. we had a walk.. up to the hills.. the one who is waving hands on the rocks is my son.. Monsieur LaFontaine..

he is a speedy one.. or I was very slow.. well I had my reasons.. there is such a beatiful view .. and such interesting rocks.. and flowers.. and mosses.. I had to stop frequently to take photos..

these are for tomorrow.. maybe with another cake.. and coffee..


Connie and Rob said...

I so enjoyed your blog. It is just lovely.

Your cupcake pincushion is just darling. There are so many ways to display it that I doubt I would put too many pins in it.

Have a wonderful day,

dogfaeriex5 said...

ohh, what a lovely cupcake!! you did a great job and i would like some of your tea, the color is lovely! thank-you for your kind words on my blog today...

Cat said...

Thanks for sharing your day!

Now, that cupcake and your future crocheted deserts have just the calorie intake I can handle!

Beautiful view.

XO, Cat