Monday, September 18, 2006

2 cupcakes.. and coffee..monday morning

Home alone.. shool bus took away my children .. DH gone too.. and I have to get ready to go to work.. but not before you have a morning coffee.. and some cakes..

The rectangular one is my creation..I have never seen any in that shape.. when I finished it.. I understood why nobody makes them.. it is not as sympathetic as the classical muffin shape..

but I am quite pleased with the one with a strawberry .. my daughter described it.. chocolate cake..vanilla cream and strawberry on top .. I didn't have a pattern to make the tho make the strawberry .. tried to figure aout ..I made 3 triangular pale pink/dark pink mixed wool triangles and sew them together.. and refilled it to give the shape.. then a small green stalk.. it came out nice.. even DH said.. ''this is .. a strawberry'' when I showed him..normally he can never tell what it is.. and makes me nervous..

these aren't particularly suitable for me.. they are gifts.. I plan something more vintage ( colour and style ) one for myself.. I like to use sewing needles books to store my needles.. and maybe I can make one with an embelished as a cover .. like an altered book but soft and stuffed with fibre.. so that I can use it as a pincushion.. I hesitate .. if it will be comfortable to use or not.. any ideas..


monique said...

I just found your blog throught this blog,in my serenity garden.
I really liked to read your blog and looked at the beatiful photo's.
I'm a new blogger from the Netherlands and I love to look at all those great blogs.

autum said...

The strawberry is wonderful!

dogfaeriex5 said...

wow` these are gorgeous, can i take a bite out of one...they smell delicious...

caroline said...

Those cakes look good enough to eat - they are gorgeous

Jenny Holiday said...

Hello there from New Jersey USA!! I just found your sweet blog through your post on Amy of Inspire Company's blog! How fun it is to "meet" other bloggers from around the world!! Turkey!! Wow!...and to have cupcakes on the brain as well!! LOL!! I have added you to my favorites..I look forward to reading your blog daily!! Thanks so much for sharing!! Your cupcake is fabulous! I would love to see more!! Do you sell on Etsy or anything? Hope to hear back soon!! Best Wishes!! Happy Blogging!! xoxo Jenny